b. Brooklyn, NY, USA
MSEd., Hunter College, New York, New York
BA, Painting, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California
(KuenstlerInnen im Netzwerk) Artist in the Network, Kunstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund Germany 44147

(since 2006) (S) solo (G) group (R) residency (C) curated

2019 April        Sui Generis, Plas Bodfa, Beaumaris, Wales, UK (G)      
2018 December Palimpsest, Gitler &________, New York, New York (S)
2016 December       Winter Grand Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (G)
2014 August             Residency, Breard-Leaver Estate, Prattsville, New York (R)
2013 Sept-Nov         Residency, Chashama Harlem, New York, NY (R)
2013 September       Persembe Parazi Projects, Istanbul, Turkey (G)
2013 August             Ausnahmenzustand: 30 Jahre Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany (G)
2012 September      Geballte StreuungAtelierhaus Quartier am Hafen, Cologne, Germany (G)
2012 June                  Water Tower Art Fest 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria (G)
2012 June                  Persembe Parazi Projects, Istanbul, Turkey (G)
2012 May-June        Residency, Caravansarai, Istanbul, Turkey (R)
2012 March              L’Essenza Di Tutte le Cose, Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy (G)
2011 September      Visitor, Gallery 143, Dortmund, Germany (S)
2011 July                   I Wasn’t Laughing Then, Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany (G)
2011 June                  Swarm, Alarm:: Neue Kolonie West, Union Gewerbeof, Dortmund, Germany (G)
2011 June                  Grafik aus Dortmund 2011, Berswordt-Halle, Dortmund, Germany (G)
2011 April                 On and Off The Road, Murakami Nights (with Shauspielhaus Dortmund), HCC Kulture & Kunst, Dortmund, Germany (S) 
2010 May                 Portrait of Galata,  Tea, Tavla and Tall Tales, Caravansarai, Istanbul, Turkey
2009 October         Residence, Chashama 461 Gallery, New York, NY (G) (C)
2009 June                 461 Group Show, 217 E42nd Street, New York, NY (G) (C)
2009 April                Killing Time, Chashama 461 Gallery, New York, NY (S)
2009 March             Spring Planting, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA (G)
2009 January           Ride 2009, Monkeytown, Brooklyn, NY (S)
2008 December      Undone, 211 Times Square Gallery, New York, NY (S)
2008 August            Tax-Free Art, Teneleven Gallery, New York, NY (G)          
2007 July                   VOXXOXO, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (G)         
2007 April                 Projekt30 April, Projekt30, New York, NY (G)         
2007 March              Fountain, NY, Outrageous Look Gallery, New York, NY (G)           
2006 December       Small Wonders, Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (G)
2006 August            GRO, Gallery Row Organization, Los Angeles, CA (G)
2006 June                 Seven in June, Outrageous Look Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (G)